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climbing peak of sao tome 1 day - test of power

At dawn we drive West in direction of Ponta Figo and then inland to the mountains to Rebordelo (1000 m. above sea level)

Here our climb will begin after a short breakfast.

The climb takes us southwards along the river of Água Vilela, passing by Morro Vilela.

During the climb there will be time to pause for a light picnic lunch.

The climb up to Pico de Sao Tomé (2.024 m.) is very steep on this side and we are expecting to reach Pico after about 6 hours of arduous climbing.

Once we have reached the top, we will take a short break before the descending commences.

We will be back at Rebordelo after about 4 hours.

On our way back to city, we can stop for a swim at Praia das Conchas, depending on our time of arrival to Rebordelo.