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trek across the island - the extreme challenge

We drive to Rebordelo by 4WD. From here the climb to Pico de Sao Tomé begins (see description Pico de São Tomé 1 day)

The climbing and descending of Pico takes about 8 hours and then we camp for the night at Estação Sousa (1.500 m.) after a hot meal prepared by the guide.

The following day we get up early to continue the trek passing by Lake Amelia.

Afterwards we will follow the trail to the plantation of Bombaim, most of it descending, of a total of 8 hours of trek.

At the plantation house of Bombaim, our luggage awaits us and we will be served a traditional meal at night.

The following morning we shall complete the crossing of the island, descending all the way to the East Coast in about 9 hours.

At the plantation house of São João another dry change is awaiting us and the 4WD will take us back to city.